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Information on Repatriation Flights



Embassy of India



25 June 2020




1. This Embassy had managed to organize two repatriation flights, in collaboration with the French and Australian Embassies, who provided the additional passengers needed for the charter flights to become feasible. As far as we know, this kind of collaboration will no longer be possible.


2. It is not possible for the Embassy to organize a charter flight on its own as the number of passengers left is too small to make it economical.



3. It is understood that some airlines have announced commercial flights to India, even though there is no clarity as to when Indian airports will re-open for commercial traffic. If you are booking on any of these flights, please ensure that you have a refund or re-scheduling guarantee.


4. The other option available is to take advantage of Vande Bharat flights from USA, Canada or various destinations in Europe. Currently, Air India is selling tickets for the Vande Bharat flights directly to passengers online at


5. If you want to avail of the Vande Bharat option then please take the following steps:


a). Identify the destination which you can reach from Santiago. For example, LATAM has flights twice a week to Miami, and it also has Santiago-Sao Paulo-London flights twice a week. Please check the possibilities with your travel agent or on various airlines websites.


b). Please ensure when selecting a flight that there will be no visa issues. For example, transit visas are not required for Amsterdam and Paris. In London, if you have valid US visas, you don’t need a transit visa. Please check the visa requirements with the respective embassies or with your travel agent.


c). Identify the Vande Bharat flight which is suitable for you from the destination in USA, Canada or Europe of your choice. Details are available at


d). Once you have bought the tickets, register immediately with the Ministry of External Affairs at .This step is extremely important, as this will not only be a confirmation of your Air India booking but will be needed by the Ministry of External Affairs to obtain clearances from the various State Governments.


6. Please note that all other conditions, such as mandatory quarantine, are applicable but the implementation of these conditions will vary from time to time and from state to state. Information on this can be obtained from the COVID-19 CELL in the Ministry of External Affairs or from the respective state government websites.


7. Please note that the Embassy of India in Santiago is not involved in the above option, nor do we have any additional information to provide. If you have any queries, they should be addressed to the respective airline and/or Embassy.





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