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Visa Information

Embassy of India



Essential Basic Information on Visa Application

(Please Read Carefully Before Doing Anything else):

  1. All applications submitted to the Embassy of India should have attached a bank receipt showing that the required fee amount (as shown in the Schedule of Fee) has been deposited in the Embassy of India’s Bank Account which is as follows:-

Name of the Bank: BANCO SANTANDER, Bank Account Number: 10278-4,     RUT: 69.903.100-3, E-mail-


  1. Please note that no cash/cheque/credit cards/ debit cards or any other form of payments will be accepted by the Embassy
  2. It may please be noted that fees, once paid, will not be refunded, even if the application is withdrawn or service is denied/not rendered.
  3. When submitting your application to the Embassy, please fill in all the information online in the appropriate form, upload necessary photos and then take a print out of the form, sign it and bring the hard copy to the Embassy with all supporting documents (originals as well as photocopies) including the Bank Payment Receipt.
  4. Please note that the any application which is incomplete in any way will not be accepted. Therefore, please check that you have filled in all columns correctly, signed wherever required, and attached all required supporting documents.
  5. Please note that if you are going to stay in India beyond the validity period of your visa, or beyond 180 consecutive days (even if your visa is valid for a longer time period), you should apply in advance to the nearby foreigners registration office to continue to stay legally in India.



  1. E-Visas are available only for tourism, business, conference and medical travel. Applications for e-visa must be filled online visiting the link :


The e-Visa application is handled directly by the competent authority in New Delhi and the Embassy of India is not involved in any way and will not answer any query related to e-Visa application.


Regular Visa (to be issued by the Embassy)


General Requirements


  1. Applications for Regular visa must be filled online visiting the link:
  2. From 26/01/2022 onward, all required supporting documents should also be uploaded online.
  3. Photograph(colour) of size 5cms X 5cms with white background should be uploaded online and also pasted on the print out of application form at the space provided.
  4. Print out of duly completed online application form (after appending signature), Original passport (with at least 6 months validity and two blank pages), all supporting documents and Visa fee payment receipt should be submitted at the Embassy. Fee schedule is available on the Embassy’s website.


Additional Documents


  1. For Business Visa-

    (i) Letter of invitation from Indian company indicating details of intended business,

    (ii) Letter from the applicant or his company indicating details of intended business and

    (iii) Certificate of Incorporation/Registration of the Indian company as well as Chilean Company should also be sent.


  1. For Employment Visa-

    (i) Copy of contract signed by both parties indicating terms and conditions of employment,

    (ii) A letter from the Indian company with an undertaking of full responsibility for the employee during his/her stay in India,

    (iii) Copy of the registration/incorporation document of the company and

    (iv) Copy of qualifications of the applicant and any other relevant documents should also be attached.


  1. For Conference Visa-

    (i) Invitation letter with complete information about the conference and organisers in India and

    (ii) Copy of approval of the Government of India for the conference being organized should also be attached.


  1. For Medical Visa-

    (i) A letter from the Indian hospital/doctor giving details of the proposed treatment,

    (ii) A letter from the local hospital/doctor giving details of illness,

    (iii) A letter from the applicant along with copies of medical documents

    (iv) Proof of relationship with the patient, in case of visa application for medical attendant.


  1. For Student Visa-

    (i) A letter from the Educational Institute confirming admission with details of the course, period of study, and payment of fees made and

    (ii) Proof of financial position of the guardian/sponsor.


    (Please note that Student visa is granted to bona fide students to pursue regular full time courses at duly recognized educational institutions in India and to persons going for studying Yoga, Vedic Culture, Indian systems of dance/music etc. in institutions authorised for the purpose).

  1. Apart from the above requirements, the Embassy may ask for any other relevant document.
  2. Please read instructions above before you start the application process.