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Five illiterate Chilean women to learn Solar Electrification and Rainwater Harvesting Engineering in India

Press Releases


First International Conference
“Connecting World Heritage Sites and Civilizations”
31 May -01 June, 2012

University Mayor, in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of India in Chile, will organize the First International Conference on “Connecting World Heritage Sites and Civilizations”. This is the first international conference of its kind and will be held over into two days.

Several institutions, including the UNESCO, the Ministry of Culture and Arts of Chile and the Municipality of Valparaiso, among others, have committed their support to this event. Experts from countries such as, interalia, Mexico, Brazil, India, Iraq, Malaysia, Thailand and Chile, will participate in this prestigious international activity. This initiative was fostered by Prof. Sachchidanand Sahai, renowned Indian academician and historian dedicated to promote awareness about our heritage, and by H.E. Mr. Pradeep K. Kapur, Ambassador of India to Chile.

Over the last 40 years, UNESCO has taken significant steps towards identifying and classifying 936 monuments, spread among 151 Members of the Convention of World and Cultural Heritage. Of all these sites, 725 have been classified as “cultural heritage sites”, 183 are “natural heritage sites” and 28 are considered as “mixed”, meaning that they are regarded as both cultural and natural heritage. These expressions of human creativity are part of some of the greatest achievements of our civilization. The task performed by UNESCO has been extraordinary.

Intellectuals, administrators, politicians, academicians and members of corporate bodies will meet on a platform that will facilitate the exploration and exchange of practical and theoretical ideas. During these two days, experts, arts historians, anthropologists, archeological experts and architects will be able to present their perspectives about:

- Connecting World Heritage Sites found in different hemispheres of the world.
- Identifying unique and shared features of the civilizations of the world through the study of the monuments designated as World Heritage Sites.
- Reducing the physical/geographical and psychological distances between the civilizations and the monuments designated as World Heritage Sites through the Exchange of information and transnational contacts.
- Fostering interest in World Heritage Sites found in the furthest corners of the world and creation of infrastructure required for this task.

The activity will be divided into two sessions: the first session will be held in Santiago, and the second session will be held in Valparaiso. We kindly request you to visit the website of the Conference for further details about the event (, or the website of the Embassy of India in Chile ( / Additionally, you may also contact:

1) Mrs. Virginia Arias, University Mayor (Tel: 328 1400, email
2) Mr. Pablo Muñoz, Embassy of India (Tel: 228 4141/ 228 6857, email

On this occasion, the “Valparaiso Declaration” will also be issued. A copy of the draft Declaration drafted by Professor Sachchidanand Sahai, Padma Shri Awardee, and Advisor, World Heritage Park of Angkor (APSARA National Authority) under the Royal Government of Cambodia, and Founder General Secretary, International Conference on Connecting World Heritage Sites and Civilizations is enclosed for information, and for seeking the comments and feedback of stakeholders and the civic society, through the support of the print and electronic media.

You are kindly requested to provide the name and contact details of the representative of your institution who will be associated with this event.


Press Release

Five illiterate Chilean women to learn Solar Electrification and Rainwater Harvesting Engineering in India

Five Chilean women left for India for training on Solar Electrification and Rainwater Harvesting under the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Programme of the Government of India. This programme is popularly known as "ITEC". This was launched in 1964 by the Government of India as a bilateral programme for cooperation and partnership for mutual benefit to address the needs of developing countries.

ITEC was re-introduced in Chile from 2005 with 4 scholarships but due to great demand and popularity of this programme, now there are 35 Scholarships for Chilean nationals.

These five Chilean women: 1. Mrs. Elena Guadalupe Achu Colque, 2. Mrs Liliana Barbara Teran Anza, 3. Mrs Luisa Matilde Teran Teran, 4. Mrs Elvira del Carmen Urrelo Quispe and 5. Mrs Nicolasa Emiliana Yufla Copa are all coming from the Region of Antofagata, in the north side of the country. They will be in India for six months in the Barefoot College, Rajasthan in western India and will compete for jobs in the male dominated engineering sector on their return. The Barefoot College is a training area for rural women, rural communities, and they do mainly solar engineering; as well as solar desalination plants.

These Chilean women are basically illiterate who will be going to India and they will come back trained as solar engineers and when they come back, these women will be able to set-up and solar electrify their own villages, after arrival from India.

They have been briefed thoroughly by the Embasy of India in Santiago about the living conditions in India and other important aspects of the Indian culture.

For further details you may contact:

Mr. D.V. Singh
Head of Chancery
Embassy of India
Santiago (Chile)
Tel. No. 56 2 228 4141 & 263 5817, Fax No. 56 2 321 7217

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